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Please enter your information in the form below.  A separate form must be submitted for each day and overnight camper. Space is limited, so get your registration in as early as possible.  


By submitting this online application you are confirming you are the camper’s parent or guardian and you agree with Northern Wisconsin Christian Camp that you will at all times hereafter indemnify, keep indemnified, and save harmless the said Northern Wisconsin Christian Camp, the Hayward Church of Christ, and the Campbell Street Church of Christ from all actions, proceedings, claims, demands, costs, damages, and expenses, which may be brought against or claimed from Northern Wisconsin Christian Camp, or which you may pay, sustain or incur as a result of illness, accident or misadventure to the named applicant in the Northern Wisconsin Christian Camp. You also authorize the director of the Northern Wisconsin Christian Camp to act for your child according to his best judgment in any emergency involving medical attention if the guardian is not available within the timeframe warranted by the emergency. 

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